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Title: CEO Company: Pti Worldwide

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Royston Guest is CEO of Pti Worldwide, a global consultancy and training organisation with a proven track record in delivering business growth, people transformation and peak performance.

He is also the Author of the international bestseller Built to Grow…How to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

Driving sustainable business growth…fast, and unlocking the real potential of individuals are Royston’s two professional missions in life.

His fresh, passionate, results-driven style challenges the status quo of both companies and individuals alike. He leaves them inspired, motivated, and energised with ‘real world’ ideas, strategies and methods to achieve their goals – providing a genuine competitive edge, critical in today’s environment.

As well as being an accomplished Strategist and Consultant, focusing specifically on business growth strategies, sales, leadership and culture, he is also an acclaimed Conference Speaker.

Invited to 110 events last year, he inspired over 30,000 people with his ‘fun with a serious intent’ approach, sharing real life stories and practical, down-to-earth tips and techniques for increased personal and professional success.

Having worked with a wide range of individuals in his career, Royston has developed a passion for understanding human potential; what makes people tick and why they do what they do. As Founder of livingyourfuture™, and a Success Coach to executive level, he transfers this in-depth knowledge when coaching individuals and groups to achieve personal transformation and peak performance.

Practical, real world experience

Royston has made the most of his professional career, now spanning over 2 decades, gaining a breadth and depth of ‘hands on’ business experience.

Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Royston started his career in the construction industry with Higgs & Hill. It was here that his talents were quickly recognised, resulting in him managing his own project by the age of 20! He then moved to Balfour Beatty where he was appointed a trouble-shooter on several multi-million pound construction projects, in both the UK and USA.

On returning from America, his fascination with the broader challenges of businesses resulted in a change of career to sales and business development. It was this role that led Royston into the field of mergers & acquisitions – an area he specialised in for six years prior to setting up Pti Worldwide.

Whether speaking, facilitating, consulting, coaching or writing, Royston’s passion to make a real tangible difference is at the forefront of his work, and what sets him apart from his peers.

Royston is married with two children and splits his time between Jersey and the UK.

Connect with Royston through his Built to Grow Facebook and/or LinkedIn Group and access exclusive insights, bitesize coaching videos, FB live, webinars, on how you can deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

Outline keynote

How to get CX positioned in the boardroom…not just as an agenda item but as the epicentre of the board agenda!

Struggling to get CX taken seriously in the boardroom? Is it the one thing that always seems to get bumped on the agenda? Well these days are no more!

A critical part of your role as a Business Leader, Business Professional and perhaps the owner of the CX strategy for your organisation is the Chief Story Teller. In a world where we are more connected than ever, the question is are we really connecting?

What’s your CX story? Is it compelling? Is it positioned in a language, which places CX as the heartbeat of your organisations business growth strategy? Are you demonstrating the commercial impact of your CX strategy?

In this high impact, dynamic session Royston Guest CEO of Pti Worldwide and Author of Built to Grow will share 4 critical strategies allowing you to instantly carry out a ‘self audit’ of how compelling the positioning of your current CX strategy and subsequent ‘buy in’ is in your organisation:

• What’s your compelling CX value proposition?

• Why dynamic language is everything and if your story is not landing it’s probably because you’re using the wrong language!

• How can you hot-wire your CX strategy as the central organising principal around which your organisations over arching business growth strategy is designed?

• Who’s your REAL or Virtual ‘10th Man’ in the boardroom who will ensure the CX strategy remains the default position for all strategic decisions?