Ricardo Saltz Gulko | Germany

Ricardo Saltz Gulko | Germany

Title: Founder & Managing Principal

Company: Eglobalis - Global Experiences

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Impact Your Innovation Capability and Bottom Line At The Same Time 


Quality and Design To Simplify Customer Success (using simple stories that will make reflect). CX Quality still not a given in our days!


Did you know that companies like Samsung, Aldi, Medtronic and others have earned huge improvements in their CX scores? Sure, NPS and other metrics provides the measures, but one of their tricks is balancing quality, cost, people, care, tech, and design and learning to adapt and evolve—all toward delivering an experience that the company can support naturally and profitably. Ricardo “Q FactorTM” one of his best tools— and the Inaction Map. 

Often shows management the cost of doing nothing and the practical road map for change CX. Attendees will learn through real stories and short cases about the best unspoken top CX in the world, the Samsung turnaround, Aldi and a bit about SAP amazing change. Stories that Ricardo company was involved with and from some amazing companies he is simply a customers. You will get stories to reflect and apply to your company, customer experience, products and services and how to generate real quality, simplification, ensuring always customer and people successful outcomes.

Value to Audience

Attendees will go beyond theory and learn how several megafirms have harnessed the perspective of quality (already ingrained in their manufacturing, innovations and process methods) to inform the customer’s experience. In many industries, quality is the primary driver of value—and value is the big driver in customer experience. Learning to ‘think quality’ will give audience members a valuable new tool they can apply immediately at their own places of work. This session will cover context, content, and application in even amounts.

Session Description

Ricardo will first set the stage for quality with definitions, examples, and transformation case studies from unexpected industries. Next, attendees will learn about Quality as a driver of change and as a measurement system for value creation, alignment, and incentives. Rich and specific examples will model how Culture, People, Quality, Design, and Technology (Predicative analytics, IOT and Data) can lead firms to higher levels of financial and CX performance, all these in one story and 2 very different companies

About the speaker

Ricardo Saltz Gulko is the founder and leader of Eglobalis, a boutique insights and innovation firm based in Munich. While Ricardo is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, and German the most important language he speaks is Quality and Customer Experience. “Quality,” he says, “is what links the different parts of an organization together and helps ensure that clients’ desired outcomes are met. The mix between customer experience is quite powerful”, he emphasizes.

At companies like Oracle, Ericsson, Amdocs, and Samsung, ThyssenKrupp among others Ricardo has successfully used the language of quality to inform and improve customer experiences, save his clients money, and help brands retain or regain their value. Known for his thought leadership at the intersection of quality and customer experience, Ricardo is a working consultant, keynote speaker, and strategist in the areas of outcome management, experience design, quality and process simplification 

Ricardo earned his MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management. His undergraduate studies focused on Information Systems and Industrial Engineering. In his ‘spare’ time, Ricardo has served on the international advisory committee of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, co-founded the European Customer Experience & Design Global Association, (ECXDA), and played the role of Thought Leader at CXUniversity.

Passionate about work and life, Ricardo, a diabetic, wants to help wipe diabetes from the Earth for all of us in our lifetimes. All the proceeds from his forthcoming 2018 book will be shared with the Faustman Lab. Ricardo is doing his fair share and encouraging his followers to help support this valuable work which is being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

You can learn more about Ricardo, his work, passions, and his charitable causes at his LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages. He welcomes connections from all over the world.


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