Mike Perk | South Africa

Mike Perk | South Africa

Title: CEO

Company: WWC

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Future Fit Leadership - The key to successful Digital Customer Experiences


In this digital world, the success stories have a clear pattern.

The winning companies all have leaders with greater awareness of both self and team, and greater core digital skills. Leadership vision, leadership behaviour, organisational culture and digital skills are the most significant self-reported barriers to effective digital transformation.

Organisations are failing at digital transformation, not because of the technology itself but due to the resistance within organisations for change. At the intersection of legacy organisational behaviour and an amazing digital future a new type of leadership is needed. Successful Digital Transformation, through the customer experiences we create, are a combination of Tech and People focus and it starts and ends with the business leaders.

The companies that have digitally mature leadership teams are up to 51% more profitable than their competitors – regardless of industry – and their employees 15% more engaged.


Using a heroic story from World War 2 as a parallel to the rapidly changing times we find ourselves in now, this keynote highlights the key actions and attributes Future Fit leaders need to exhibit in order to ensure improved staff mobilisation, customer engagement and a greater chance of success with their Digital Customer Experience Strategies.

About the speaker

Mike Perk is the CEO of WWC, a "people focused" digital transformation advisory. Mike is also a founding partner in Heavy Chef, an inspiration platform for innovators and leaders in the digital space.

His career in digital began back in the mid 1990's. Since then he's been consulting and helping companies grow and transform in the digital age.

Mike is responsible for helping leaders become "future fit" in order to guide organisations through the people and organisation change that is required for successful digital transformation.

He's passionate about learning and teaching in this space, either on the international speaker circuit, through workshops or via one to one coaching.

He's worked with clients and leaders in all sectors, but particularly in finance, automotive, publishing, retail and government. They include Rand Merchant Bank, Virgin Mobile, Hyundai, Old Mutual, Woolworths, Government and iStore.

Website: wwc.co.za
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mike-perk-a1722547/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/mikeperk/