The Three Worst Customer Experience Mistakes You Can Make, And How To Avoid Them

By Holly Chessman

If you can’t keep your customers happy, your business won’t last long. Yet companies consistently make customer experience mistakes that can easily be avoided. Why is this?

Perhaps your company started doing things one way and never adjusted to your customers’ needs. Maybe it is a simple matter of oversight. Either way, don’t be complacent! Put your clients first by fixing these customer experience errors before your customers abandon ship.

The Mistake: Not Being Where Your Customers Are

In this day and age, a multichannel approach to customer experience is a must. Customers expect a seamless experience across social media, email, chat and phone. These four channels are all high-use venues for customers to reach out with a question or an issue. While other channels are nice to have, these four should be essentials.

Amazingly, not every company provides this basic range of communication channels. It blows my mind that businesses hide or don’t offer their phone numbers, don’t cover multiple social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), provide only canned answers via email and sometimes don’t even bother with chat.

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Author: Holly Chessman runs Holly Chessman Marketing, a premier marketing firm providing strategic advice, digital services, and social media guidance.