Is engagement enough..? (by Rick S. Pulito)

Everyone it seems is focused on engaging some group as a way to perpetuate and grow their business. HR wants to engage the employees, Marketing wants to engage the consumer, Sales wants to engage the channel. But is that enough? I’m not sure it is. .. Continue Reading

How Do You Engage? (by Performancepoint, LLC.)

Recently, I read an inspirational story about how people show love. The point of the story is that some people expect love to arrive in a certain form, and when it does not, they feel unnoticed and unloved. However, the love they seek may be there, but just in a different form than the way in which they expect to see it. So, they miss the love altogether! .. Continue Reading

Do your Employees Quit and Stay? (by Thad Peterson)

You might say that many in HR suffer from fear of abandonment. You monitor turnover rates. You create compensation plans to maximize employee retention. You do succession planning to ensure people have a pathway to develop within the organization. In other words, you pour a ton of effort and energy into ensuring people don’t leave. .. Continue Reading