4 Attributes of a Frictionless Customer Experience (by Don.P)

“Customer experience” is a buzzword these days for marketing strategists, and customer experience management (“CXM”) is all the rage in many marketing discussions. “Customer Experience Excellence” is one of the six categories for which the Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards are given out each year (along with other categories such as Sales Force Effectiveness, Customer Analytics, and so forth). .. Continue Reading

‘I’m not serving you!’ When is the customer NOT always right? (by Ian Golding)

You can be pretty certain that when Jo Clarke went to buy some groceries at her local Sainsbury’s store last week, she did not expect to see her face on the pages of every national newspaper the following day! When a checkout assistant refused to serve her because she was deep in conversation on her phone, Jo decided to take action and complain. The result – an apology from Sainsbury’s and the creation of a huge nationwide debate about customer service and manners. Here are links to a sample of 3 of the articles in the media: .. Continue Reading

Are you really ready? The Customer Experience Readiness Scale (by Ian Golding)

Have you ever wondered whether there is really any hope for your organisation? Have you ever turned up one day wondering if you are the only person in the building who really gets it? Are you the only person who understands that the organisation needs to do something different to genuinely put its customers first? Have you had days when you can see some light at the end of the tunnel, only for it to be extinguished before you get anywhere near it? .. Continue Reading

Top 10 Employee Engagement Strategies (by Leon Kaye)

What companies offer the top 10 employment engagement strategies? I listed a few firms showcasing employees who shine and take a different approach towards internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. While we appreciate what companies, from large multinationals to smaller local companies, do for the environment and local communities, a successful company is one with a motivated workforce–and hence allows “doing good” to cascade throughout the communities in which they conduct business. .. Continue Reading