How to ‘join the dots’ for customers using experience design.

The Head of Customer Experience at the UK's second largest retailer, Sainsbury’s Clare Muscutt, joins us to outline the importance of customer experience design in an ever-changing Omnichannel world, and the common pitfalls businesses make. 

Clare is responsible for the Customer Experience Team and Strategy at Sainsbury's

Clare started at the grassroots of service, working on ‘the shop floor’ before beginning her career as a graduate in hospitality following completion of her degree and masters in Marketing from the University of Birmingham. She went on to hold a number of senior roles in Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, strategy and proposition within FTSE 100 UK and Global companies. 

Recognized as a leading expert in her field, Clare has won numerous awards including UK Professional of the Year, endorsing her for 'forward thinking' approach to customer experience and impressive commercial results.

Driving business decision-making

Clare will share how great design can not only be used to create a distinctive brand experience based on customer needs, but also drive business decision-making. She says the key questions organisations need to ask themselves are:

  • What do we want to be for our customers in 3-5 years’ time?
  • Are we really focusing on the right stuff to get us there? 

Clare will outline how by designing the touch points in the customer experience, incorporating communications, commerce and customer service and aligning cross-functional teams around a customer vision, businesses like Sainsbury’s are achieving their ambition to be a place the ‘most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop’. 

A multi-product multi-channel

For a multi-product multi-channel retailer like Sainsbury’s, this means the ambition of consistently delivering a target experience at scale; to 25 million customers, through 160,000 colleagues, across 1000 stores, 3 contact centres, 3 websites, 9 apps and thousands of collections and home deliveries every single week. 

Clare is an award-winning, creative customer experience leader with extensive experience in omnichannel customer experience strategy, design and delivery within FTSE 100 organisations. 

On the 17th October at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, CEW2017 Clare's keynote will bring to life some of the tools used to design CX at Sainsbury's and share how to break down barriers between channels to ‘join the dots’ for your customers.