How to overcome the many challenges associated with analysing VoC

It stands to reason that if we claim that ‘things’ are changing constantly that the Customer Experience Executive must understand these changes, constantly. They need to understand and stay informed about new or existing products and services as well as changes in customer expectations and competition. ..

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10 critical business future trends impacting the digitised CX

Digitisation at what cost to the business is the question on every CEO’s mind at present! Many businesses today view robots and artificial intelligence (AI) as future business tools with the potential to reduce costs, expand skills, and improve the customer experience working alongside humans. Others are concerned with potential job losses and the impact on the local and global economy. ..

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This was the Wednesday Drama in Cape Town!

It was Wednesday the 26th July 2017. The day has finally arrived and I felt excited. It was 6:30 am and I was ready to meet a ‘man with grey, no white hair, eating a bowl of oats’! Well, that was his exact instruction the day before. ..

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Introducing 3 Key CX elements never heard before

Royston Guest, author of the No1 Best Selling Book, Built to Grow, urges you to lock down in your diary the premier event of 2017 and to join him, to come and really work on your CX Strategy where he will provide you with ‘Practical Pragmatic Real World Stuff

This is your personal invitation to join Royston Guest during an additional lunchtime session, as a VIP delegate, where he will be introducing his brand new signatory presentation, introducing 3 Key CX elements never heard before!

Watch the Video to learn more about these 3 key elements:

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