CICM-Fellow Certificate Recipients to be recognised at CEW2018

Join CEW2018 & The Chartered Institute of Customer Service (CICM), as we celebrate the top achievers at the Fellow-CICM Awards. These prestigious awards pay tribute to those leaders who continue to develop the finest customer service initiatives. 

CEW2018 are proud to announce their collaboration with CICM , an international leader in customer and call centre services. CICM will be presenting the CICM Fellow Awards at the prestigious CEW2018 conference in Johannesburg on the 13 & 14 March at Turbine Hall.

Both CEW and CICM share similar aims – to advance the practice of customer management, develop people, improve standards, and promote excellence in all aspects of customer service globally.

CICM qualifications are recognised globally and well respected by leading organisations and industry associations. Its main mission is to promote a culture of service excellence, globally.

CICM-Fellow Certificates are awarded to those people who have demonstrated the highest standards of academic and professional excellence in the customer service industry.

Celebrate their fantastic achievements at CEW2018. Let them inspire your customer service initiatives to flourish.

Criteria for awarding these Certificates include: 

  • paying tribute to outstanding leaders, innovators and researchers who make a significant impact in the customer service and call centre industry; 
  • successful completion of CICM Professional Postgraduate Diplomas or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the academic board; 
  • Ten years in a senior management position. 

CICM-Fellow - what it means 

  • A valuable chance to present at CICM international events; 
  • top F-CICM credentials; 
  • participating in the selection of future fellows; 
  • discounted rates for all CICM events, training or academic programmes; 
  • a valuable opportunity to have research and achievements published in CICM academic journals and magazine. 

CEW2018 is THE leading customer experience event of the year. Industry experts and leaders share knowledge, learn best practices and pay tribute to individuals and companies who are leading customer-centric success programmes.

Customer Magazine for Attendees

CEW2018 SA delegates will each receive their own copy of The Customer Magazine published by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM.)

This world-class publication is filled with the latest and best articles on customer engagement. It strives to promote customer excellence by bringing readers the very best content and latest business trends in customer success.

As a genuine opportunity to improve customer success, CEW2018 will deliver an outstanding experience. Delegates will receive The Customer Magazine, giving them the opportunity to learn from African industry best practice leaders.

African customers have gone past the level of merely buying products and services; they buy results. Despite what some brands may still think, customer service and customer experience are actually two very different paradoxes towards a nexus! Although clearly they often cross over, brands should have a different strategy for both.
Editor Benson Mukandiwa / The Customer Magazine